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"The Chekhov technique training that I have received from Max has been so beneficial in my performance abilities. The training Max provides gives an actor a solid base they can then use in every theatrical situation to explore different directions and character choices. Throughout the years of experiencing Max's Chekhov training and theatrical direction I am always blown away at the visible transformation, not only the actor goes through in discovering how to perform a role, but also the personal transformation that the people he trains goes through. They gain a self confidence in their abilities with the backing of the technique that really translates into their performance. I would highly recommend Chekhov training from Max, it is one of the best things I have done so far in my creative life and I know it will stand to me in the future." Beau Holland - Actress.

"Had an absolutely amazing experience at Max's 'A Little Piece of Art' 4 day workshop. What a great group of people who participated also. We explored the feeling of form and many other Chekhov techniques and looked at the wonderful play 'The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekhov. I cant say enough great things about Max as a teacher and I found this workshop extremely useful and Rewarding!!!" Conor Gormley acting student

"Max is a highly experienced artist and teacher who shows an enormous amount of flexibility while also encouraging you to focus. With each course I discovered new things not only about acting techniques but about me as an individual. After each course I feel cleansed. I highly recommend as Max's teaching style is suitable for both beginners and advanced performers."

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