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Recording sessions


If the sessions or parts of them are recorded you will always be asked for permission. These recordings will only be shared amongst the group and we need to make that agreement. They are very useful for anyone who needs to miss a session and indeed for you to watch yourself and others at work. They are, however, no substitute for being there.

  • I would request that I like to take ‘screenshots’ from the zoom and use them to advertise further classes. If anyone has an issue with that then let me know and I will make sure I do not use any with you on them.

  • Try and ensure you have the best internet connection you can get.

  • During online sessions you need to have use of a space at home where you can make noise and practice your art. 

  • You are responsible for giving yourself as much space as you can and keeping all sharp objects or anything dangerous away from the space. 

  • If you live with others they need to know you might be making noise etc.. 

  • There will be practice work throughout. Your room is your studio. This is a very rich way for you to learn the technique because you use the things around you. Paradoxically, though you might miss the group, working like this is very grounding and we aim to make classes as much like being ‘in-the-room’ as possible.

  • I may not know you so please please, please, if you have any conditions and an exercise is too difficult then stop doing it.

  • Please treat this like a group session as much as if it was actual. (You would not go off to make a coffee during a workshop for instance)  .

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