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autumn 2023

Autumn courses

Fundamentals: Ease Beauty Form and the Whole. (Four Sessions)

tutors Declan Drohan and Max Hafler

Chekhov called these fundamentals, “the Four Brothers”. They are connected, all part of the same family. In this course of four online sessions we will be taking one of these fundamentals each week (using two short speeches from Macbeth – chosen because the characters are not obviously easy or beautiful) and exploring how we relate to them using exercises from the Michael Chekhov technique. We will experience these principles in our bodies as realities, not concepts or ideas. The online forum gives you a space which is both private and shared with the group of participants to explore this work.

Cost 120 waged/100 low waged/80 non wage

Time September 15/22/29/6th October. 16.00 – 18.00 Irish time 

The Quest for Character.(six sessions)

Tutor Max Hafler

We often talk about the character in terms of how we need to build or search for it. We are going to explore three elements of the Michael Chekhov Technique, Imaginary Body (how do the character’s externals affect how they behave in the world); the Imaginary Centre (what activates the body to operate in the world of the play) and the House of Beauty (what energies and ideals does the character have to deal with in their lives). By meshing these elements together selectively we can find richness and depth. over 6 sessions

Time : October 11th – November 15th One Session per week at 17.00 - 19.00

Cost: €150/ €100.




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