Autumn Courses 2022

Short Weekend 'in-the-room' courses with Max Hafler and Declan Drohan and one online course with Rena Polley of Michael Chekhov Canada.

Connecting to the Play
Aug 13th 10-4 NUIGalway

Which will focus on atmosphere, the Feeling of Form and the Feeling of the  Whole. Michael Chekhov believed that whilst there was a different contribution made by actors director and all theatre artists, that somehow there needed to be something of a unified creative vision. It was an essential component to creating a satisfying and powerful piece of theatre. Again we will use Antigone for this workshop.Cost €60 email  


Actable Choices:September 10/11th

How do we preserve the freedom and ease of our rehearsal discoveries in the pressurized context of a live audition?

How do we generate playfulness and spontaneity in the this competitive, artificial environment?

We will work with the four brothers, triplicity/creative frame and the architecture of performance to support your creative individuality . We will pay particular attention to your identified ,specific blocks/freezes and difficulties in the audition context.

We will look at the how of translating the directors instructions  into images, colours and spontaneous impulses that you can act 

Our purpose is to strenghen your grasp of the chekhov tools - breath ,ease and relaxation -enabling you maintain the lightness and grace of your work under pressure.

tutors Max Hafler and Declan Drohan