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New Year and Spring 2023

One two day workshop, Chekhov on Chekhov, in Galway Ireland, January 6/7

Chekhov and Ensemble, six in the room day long Saturday sessions in Galway Ireland Jan 21st-April 1st

Connecting up : online. Connecting the Body,Voice imagination and Feelings

Chekhov on Chekhov
Jan 6th/7th (Friday and Saturday)10-5,10-4



In this two day workshop, we will explore the polarity between comedy and tragedy in Anton Chekhov's 'The Seagull'.  

Stanislavski was convinced the major Chekhov plays were tragedies, and the gloom and introspection of this assertion has followed the performance histories of the plays right up to the present day.

Anton Chekhov insisted they were comedies, and was dismayed by the silences, pauses and weightiness that derailed his intention. It’s interesting to note that life is, for most of us, a juxtaposition of both extremes, that comedy comes laced with tragedy, and vice versa; that there is something to be gained from exploring these polarities which opens up the world of the play to a rich range of interpretations.

The Michael Chekhov Technique offers us the tools to explore these possibilities to their fullest extent, and perhaps to find the delicious balance, or tipping point between.


We will explore style , polarity, tension between interior and exterior worlds and tempo in exploring some key scenes from the play.

tutors Max Hafler and Declan Drohan

120 waged/100 low waged/80 unwaged


That Ensemble Feeling 
Jan 21st - April 1st

Michael Chekhov believed in the power of the Artistic Ensemble. Many theatre groups, teachers and directors have faith in it. After all what is it that binds the orchestra who play a symphony. The music binds all the players no matter what instrument they play. Many techniques teach a precision and focus but often these end up as clever choreography without the intangible connection between an ensemble which is something which can be admired for its pictures and precision but not the intangible connection which the Chekhov Technique bestows on performers. With this vocabulary deep ensemble responses can be found and placed in devising work, creating depth and quality.

The kind of ensemble we are talking about is where the performer is seen as the primary resource for the storytelling .it often involves multiple parts to one actor which in itself acknowledges a more flexible connection to the audience.

Over the six Saturdays we will be studying particular aspects of our live work which offers elements of the Chekhov technique .

tutors Max Hafler and Declan Drohan

Cost 300 for all 6 workshops (you can pay in 2 or three instalments)

(or 60  per day)

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 17.52.57.png

Connecting up:   four weeks online. International class ! focussing on the body
Feb 8th - March 1st 16.00 - 18.00 Irish Time. 


 Tutor Max Hafler


Connecting up: a four week international class online with tutor Max Hafler on the principle of connection. Michael Chekhov believed that Body,Imagination, Voice and Feelings are connected up. This is an incredibly holistic thing and great to explore online, where it is paradoxically easier to focus and explore these connections because of the privacy it affords us as performers. We often dare more in our own space. 

Cost  80€/ 65€ low waged/50 unwaged.

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