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"That is what we want in our school, to open the doors of the creative spirit "
Michael Chekhov

Chekhov Training and Performance Ireland, run by Max Hafler and Declan Drohan, provides training opportunities in the Michael Chekhov Technique.

There is more about Chekhov himself on another page of this website, but from an acting point of view, the technique focusses primarily on finding character from the Imagination and the Body. It is a holistic technique which teaches us to unite body, imagination, voice and feelings.

As such the work embarked upon through the Technique can be truly transformational as well as being spectacularly useful from a performance perspective. 

Max and Declan and their International guests run both in the room (in Galway and Sligo) and online courses in the technique covering first principles as well as advanced courses in the work.

Declan and Max are about to embark on a symposium with the International Chekhov Studios Collective. On their return we are running two online courses; The first, Fundamentals: Ease, Beauty,Form and the Whole, and the second, The Quest for Character working with Imaginary Body, Image centres and House of Beauty, all fabulous tools for creating a whole character. For more details on this go to Autumn Courses! email

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"Your approach has given me so many new ideas and ways of thinking about the work. And your prowess as an online instructor is rare - I appreciate the thought you put into how to translate this work into the cyberscape and make it resonant and vivid." 
Anne Tromsness - Actor and Teacher

Anne Kelly Tromsness


Theatre artist and educator

Member, Actors' Equity Association

Acting Instructor, SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities

Spark Curriculum and Training Advisor, ArtsGrowSC

Got me out of my head and acting with my whole being!"Ciaran Kendrick

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