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All One Thing
Tuning Your Instrument
Galway City
April 20th and 21st

If you are playing a symphony you would warm up by connecting with your fellow musicians, making sure you are in ‘the zone’ with them, with your instrument and practising your challenging solo sections. We all have our own way to prepare but one thing is for sure is that your instrument needs to be tuned so that breath, voice imagination and body are all connected. Any of these elements can bring us into creativity but they need to be connected in order that they can bring us into our full artists selves. So how do we move from focussing on one element at a time into the wholeness required to be fully present in performance?

That is the goal of this workshop.The workshop is led by Declan Drohan and Max Hafler and will be held in Galway City on the 20th/21st April. 10- 5 and 10-4 respectively.
email to book your place 
COST 140euro waged/120 low waged/ 90 unwaged

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