Early Autumn Courses 

Meeting once weekly for four or five weeks , these courses explore Michael Chekhov principles in a way we will both expand both your sense of self and your acting. Some courses are open to all and others for those with more experience.email chekhovtpi@gmail.com for more details



4 weeks 9th - 30th October inclusive 4.30 - 6.00 GMT


A pause is a place of great movement inside even though there may appear to be nothing happening outside, There is phenomenal potential and movement of energy in a pause. There can be a Universe. Often actors make a pause artificially rather than letting it happen. Chekhov Technique teaches you how to let the energy flow organically. The camera is merciless when there is no movement of energy and often film music is used to create the illusion that there is more emotional movement than there is. A Pause is less about stillness than change so what we will do is explore this and gradually move towards working on short pieces from Pinter. 



BODY AND IMAGINATION  a Free session for up to twelve participants 26th Oct – 13.00 – 14.30


Michael Chekhov’s acting technique puts imagination and the Body first.   This online class in the Chekhov Technique by teacher Max Hafler employs the imagination and opens the body to creativity ; It requires the performer to have a strange mixture of freedom and discipline, both a rigour and a wild joy. 

This ninety minute session for up to 12 people is FREE. In order to come you need to be a new person to my classes and show a serious interest in the work. So you must write me and tell me what brings you to the class.  You need to have a space you are happy to work in and for your sake a reasonable internet connection. Please apply before Oct 16th. 


MY SITE SPECIFIC ROOM. (9th November- 7th December 4.00 – 5.30)(5 SESSIONS)

Working with Atmosphere ,Inner Space and energy and the space of your room to create a performance . Five ninety minute sessions (75/50) 


Perhaps we all remember those wonderful drawings from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE where my namesake Max starts to see a forest grow in his bedroom. Perhaps we also remember going to our own rooms and creating caves and rocketships or being in small spaces and imagining plays and stories. Closing the curtains and using torches to create a sense of danger. 


Working with a room of your choice in your house, (it needs to be somewhere you can work for these five sessions.) and elements of the Michael Chekhov Technique, you will create a piece around this space. A site- specific to the room in which you are. You will  be building your piece from the imagination, atmosphere, colour and size of your space. If it is your house, you need not delve into you own family history but make the room a palace of your imagination as if you were playing in your room as a child. By the end you will have a short piece you can develop into something more if you so wish.


PRINCIPLES:ATMOSPHERE(21st November – 12th December 12.- 1.30 GMT) 4 SESSIONS 60/40

What is atmosphere? How can we generate it and how can working online create it. Chekhov said the “atmosphere was the oxygen of performance” . Can we transform the zoom space through our imagination and energy into a new atmospheric emotional space, or are we confined to creating pieces which are like a confessional skype call? in order to explore the possibilities we will look at the opening, given the season of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. z



4 SESSIONS  4TH - 25TH NOVEMBER 16.30 – 18.00 (60/40)

This series of workshops looks at softening the body, giving it enough tension to let the energy flow through the body, gives us a space to look at how gesture works and its myriad of uses. 




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