We have had to cancel our work with practical workshops until the autumn . But we are still here, learning and training.It gives us a great space to develop our art.

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One to One sessions- Let It Begin. 


If your connection to the Chekhov technique is fairly new then these  4  one hour sessions will act as something for your understanding and practise. Perhaps you want to reconnect with the work after an absence. These sessions, along with you committing to some practise between sessions will give you a focus on the work .


You will need to have learned an 8-10 line speech from a play you know well, not from a movie.     


Session One: Qualities of movement and an introduction to Gesture

Session Two: Ideal centre. Directions of Energy/ radiating and receiving. 

Session Three: General Atmosphere

Session Four:   Psychological Gesture.



One to One – Working with Character


In this block of four weeks, the student will be introduced to the uses of Imaginary Centres, Imaginary Body , Journey Through Gesture working with a specific play in four one hour sessions.

One to One - Block Three- Working with Atmosphere 

In this final beginner's block we work with General Atmosphere, Personal Atmosphere and Polarities. 


One to One - Shakespeare soliloquies/monologues.


This is an opportunity to work one-to- one on your Shakespeare monologue. 45-60 minute sessions


Session One : Imagining The character

Session Two: imagery and Polarities

Session Three: Voice and the Audience

Session Four: Composition – the characters journey




This pause in our inability to meet together to practise and develop our acting skills through the Chekhov technique, is also an opportunity to really focus on our practise in the technique, to take more responsibility for it rather than simply getting a buzz from the workshops, which I know is a massive learning tool in itself but it is not everything . So yes, in a sense this might give us a breathing space to give us a chance to focus personally on our relationship to the technique and how it lives in us. 


Each week each participant will undertake to do at least 20 minutes per day practising and focussing on a principle of the Chekhov Technique and keep some notes of their discoveries which we will share in our on-line sessions. these on line sessions might be 45-60 minute checking in sessions and talking through our discoveries. (it's ok if you don't have any) . We will do some exercises. For this first four weeks I propose that I suggest the four topics and suggest a few exercises to go with them. 


No group will be larger than 8 participants. There are a lot of possibilities here and we should not be downhearted about it. 


WEEK ONE : The Dramatic Imagination. Developing our imagination for creativity …working with novels , short stories. Chekhov’s image work with fairy stories. 


WEEK TWO Concentration on working with object images to create character. ‘Falling in love’ with the object. Working with images. Making the image larger or smaller 


WEEK THREE Working with Energy. energy body. Expanding and shaping the centre.


WEEK FOUR General Atmosphere. Working with a short poem or song . noticing atmospheres in your daily life… The Atmosphere of Quarantine for instance.