April -June Online courses

PRINCIPLES: A Little Piece of Art 4 sessions, one per week 90 minutes each. April 19 – May 10th
(60 employed/45 low waged/35 unwaged)NB It says free above only because of the vagaries of FB
Michael Chekhov had four principles on which his work was based The feeling of Ease, Form Beauty and The Whole. The Whole means the sense of entirety in which we frame a work of art despite the fact there is always movement around it in terms of the action of performers, and the energetic and emotional response of the audience whether they are watching in a theatre or on their devices. Open to all people interested in the Michael Chekhov work and exploring the power of performance. email chekhovtpi@gmail.com to book your place.

Directing with the Chekhov Technique. 4 Sessions. Each session 2 hours. 3- 5 GMT
Tutors Declan Drohan and Max Hafler May 5th – May 26th
cost €80 waged/60 low waged/45 unwaged
This is a recurring event for four weekly sessions

Exploring several of the Michael Chekhov principles, teacher/directors Max and Declan explore with the group the joys and challenges of directing through the Chekhov Technique. How do you select the elements you need for directing a particular play? Are the focuses always the same? Do you begin with Atmospheres or the story? Do you develop the ensemble first and see if your themes emerge? One of the great things of working with the technique is that it is constantly surprising you with discoveries. This is even more true of directing than it is of acting. 
email chekhovtpi@gmail.com to book your place


All emotions have movement. We expand in love or anger, contract in shyness or fear…that movement is energy and how we direct our energy explores the kind of people (or characters we are) The movement and direction of energy in the atmosphere around us affects how we respond profoundly. Explore how to make your performances a living , breathing entity by exploring these powerful basic Chekhov principles. Open to all performers. 

(60 employed/45 low waged/35 unwaged)