Each weekend has 15 hours training for 90 euro. If you book for two workshops in advance you can have them for 80 each.



Character Centre and Imaginary Body (March 29th-31st)


We will be Working with two Chekhov elements which put the imagination in the spotlight  to create character. For Chekhov, the character comes from our response to the Text mingling with our imagination.

If the Imaginary body of the character is the vehicle, the character centre is the engine.

There can be paradoxes in our humanity which means we exude something from inside which might be at odds, or at least different, to how we appear to others.  For instance, an old person can have a young fluttering bird as a centre. This can create a wonderful intricacy in the character as we see them. By rubbing these two elements together we can create theatrical fire.

Rather than working from material from our own past this energy can be excited by an image of something.  Whilst Chekhov does not knock observation, he suggests you observe after you have visited your imagination. For this workshop we will be working  with a well known scripted play.


Actors are Magicians ! (May 17- 19)


This workshop, beginning on Friday evening  and finishing on Sunday at 5pm  will focus specifically on fundamental elements of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique focussing on exercises to explore the spectacular vista of the Imagination through the body! How can it help us create as actors, directors and artists?

We will work with a myth, fairy tale or short story. No experience of the Chekhov technique is necessary but some performance experience is required.  





Working with Archetypes – Midsummer Night’s Dream! June 21-23.


For the ‘weekend that’s in it’ , as we say in Ireland, we are going to explore how to enhance our understanding of character through the exploration of archetype. This element of Chekhov technique deepens our understanding, allows us to explore roles and positions in life we feel are beyond our experience; Fairy, Queen, King, Clown, Fool, Master, Servant, Coward, Thief.

We will also be looking at Archetypal atmospheres to see how they too can deepen our understanding and playing of the text.


For this exploration we are going to use A Midsummer Night’s Dream.




c.2017 photos by Sean O'Meallaigh, Max Hafler, Melinda Szuts,Amy Walsh, John McHugh Thais Lureiro, Nicole Gervais

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